Chemical-input free advanced oxidation through on-site peroxide generation in ground-breaking project

HPNow’s patented HPGen technology enables on-site hydrogen peroxide generation from water and electricity, without any chemical inputs. This proposition strongly appealed to Netherlands-based water treatment solutions provider PureBlue. By combining an HPGen system together with PureBlue’s UV chamber, chemical-input free UV – Peroxide AOP breakdown of trace organic compounds can be achieved for the first time.

Power-to-X installation for generation of Peroxide UltraPure™ implemented in Spain

This last December HPNow commissioned the world’s first full implementation of Power-to-Peroxide in Hermisan, an irrigation and agriculture company located near Alicante, Eastern Spain. The installation has allowed the company to produce peroxide using only power and water. “Peroxide can be produced directly on-site, without any transport or logistics”, explains Arnau Verdaguer, Director of Products at HPNow. “With solar power, peroxide can be produced without any CO2 emissions, or toxic waste – while the traditional bulk peroxide production and supply chain emits up to 3 tons of GHG and 10 tons of toxic waste per ton delivered on site.”

Clean irrigation for 100 hectares of soft fruit

East Seaton Farm is a leading soft fruit grower in East Scotland with more than 100 ha under management. The family business, formed in 1991, supplies the major supermarkets in the UK. They grow their blueberries and strawberries on soilless substrate with drip irrigation lines. Water is sourced locally from bore holes – while easily accessible and sustainable, this also posed a challenge, and that’s where HPNow comes in.